Josh Harris’s “Updated” View on Courtship/Groups

This was some information I posted on another blog’s comments section when someone indicated that Joshua Harris was modifying his initial stand on the courtship/group approach. I was doubtful that much if any modification of his views happened. I did some research including looking at his own web site. This is what I found.

Here are a few links from Harris/SG that one can look at and make their own decisions:

The title of the above link is “Clarification on Dating and Courtship”

Harris indicates that he still agrees with his kissing dating goodbye book. He also indicates he doesn’t like the way OTHER people (not him or probably his church) have used his approach.

The two newer messages that are on the DVD he is promoting can be listened at the following location (free of charge):

Kissing Dating Goodbye “Updates”

Enter “courtship” as the search term.

In the “shmourtship” message he does acknowledge that singles at his church (Covenant Life Church) are “stanoffish.” He also indicates that it is OK for singles to go out one on one for coffee (gasp ;-)). What he says there certainly is a step in the right direction.

My take on this is is that even if this is a step in the right direction a lot more needs to be done.

BTW, for those who would ask, I have tried writing Joshua Harris a number of times. The only response that I ever received is from his administrative assistant with a pretty much “canned” answer. I can understand that Harris is busy. I would also guess that he probably gets a lot of criticism of his book and has a hard time answering or even figuring out which criticism he should read and consider.

I just thought I would let people know who might ask this question.

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2 Responses to “Josh Harris’s “Updated” View on Courtship/Groups”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Tried writing? Haha, I went right up to him at the front of his church a couple months ago to ask him if there was ever a time he was free to chat even for a few minutes sometime, and he point blank said “no”. Now, I’m only in the process of STUDYING and TRAINING to become a Pastor, and I’m not actually all the way there… yet. But my instincts tell me that, no matter how busy one may be, a Pastor is supposed to, at the least, make a valiant effort to be accessible.

    Oh well.

  2. steve240 Says:


    That is sad if you weren’t able to talk to him for a short discussion. I am sure he is busy with all of his responsibilities but still would expect a pastor to be open to hear input from others as you indicated.

    Thanks for your comment.

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